Indiantown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When a motorcyclist gets into a wreck with a motor vehicle operator, the biker is especially likely to suffer grave physical harm. Motorcycles lack the enclosure and safety features of other vehicles, leaving riders vulnerable to catastrophic or fatal injuries in the event of a crash.

seasoned personal injury attorney at Domnick Cunningham & Yaffa could provide dedicated representation in the aftermath of a serious wreck and help you file a claim for compensation. Contact an Indiantown motorcycle accident lawyer if you have been involved in a recent collision.

Common Causes

Distracted and inattentive driving by other motorists is one of the most common causes of motorcycle crashes. This makes it vital for motorcyclists to remain cognizant of their surroundings and operate their bikes defensively at all times. Other common causes of motorcycle crashes include:

  • Drunk driving
  • Bad road conditions
  • Failure to yield
  • Texting while driving

When a driver’s negligence causes a motorcycle crash, an attorney in Indiantown may be able to assist the injured party in pursuing compensation to offset their damages.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

It is not uncommon for motorcycle collision victims to suffer serious or even fatal injuries. Broken bones, road rash, bruising, and lacerations are commonly reported injuries in motorcycle accidents. Other injuries and complications may include spinal cord damage, burns, and severe head trauma.

Recovering Financial Losses

The long-term impact of a motorcycle wreck for the injured victim can include substantial financial and emotional losses. Fortunately, an Indiantown motorcycle wreck lawyer may be able to assert a strong claim on behalf of the injured party for a wide range of compensatory damages. Available damages in a civil suit may include:

  • Medical expenses (i.e. emergency room visits, ambulance expenses, ongoing care, etc.)
  • Lost income
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Emotional turmoil
  • Property damage

It is vital to retain competent legal representation as soon as possible after a motorcycle crash. A skilled attorney from our firm would make every effort to maximize the financial recovery for an injured party.

Pure Comparative Negligence

A defendant driver may allege that an injured plaintiff contributed to their own losses in order to avoid paying for their damages. Florida Statutes §768.81 limits the amount of compensation a partially liable motorcycle crash victim may receive in proportion to their assigned percentage of fault for the wreck.

This law permits an injured party to recover damages even if they are found to be more at fault than the defendant. For example, if the court finds that the injured party shares 70 percent liability, they would still be entitled to 30 percent of their total financial damages.

Filing Deadline for Indiantown Motorcycle Wrecks

FL Stat §95.11 establishes a four-year filing deadline from the date of a motorcycle crash for victims to initiate a civil claim for damages. If someone tries to bring a lawsuit after the four-year deadline has passed, their case may be dismissed by the court. Consult with an attorney to learn more about the statutory time limits for motorcycle claims.

Discuss Your Claim with an Indiantown Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When you are severely injured in a motorcycle crash, you may be unsure where to turn or how to proceed with a claim for compensation. A qualified Indiantown motorcycle accident lawyer could review your case and advise you on your legal options. Call us today to discuss your claim with an attorney.