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Indiantown Boat Accident Lawyer

The various rivers, lakes, and bays near Indiantown offer residents many exciting opportunities to get on the water. Whether they take out their speedboats, go waterskiing, or swim, participating in aquatic activities is a great way to beat the heat.

Sadly, with all this fun and excitement can sometimes come danger. A boater who does not use proper lighting disobeys the rules of the waterway, or drives while drunk can inflict life-altering injuries in the event of a collision.

An Indiantown boat accident lawyer could help when another boater’s negligence causes personal injuries. They can work to explain a boater’s obligations to keep others safe and pursue compensation for injuries that result from a failure to perform these duties. A dedicated attorney at Domnick Cunningham & Yaffa could help you recover after suffering a personal injury.

Negligence and Boat Accidents

Many boaters do not understand the duties they assume while on the water to keep other people safe. In many ways, responsible boating is the same as responsible driving. Just as drivers on the road must follow the laws for safe driving, boaters are obligated to adhere to the rules set for the water.

Many waterway laws exist to protect the wellbeing of boaters and people in the water. Rules that control maximum speeds, navigational buoys, and regulations that require running lights at night, both promote safety. A boater who violates these rules and is involved in an accident could be seen as negligent per se for all resulting damage. An Indiantown boat accident legal advisor could help to track the life of a ticket through the court to see if a boating violation could be viable evidence in a civil claim for damages.

Pure Comparative Negligence

Other boating collision cases may require a more in-depth examination of the actions of the involved parties. Ultimately, courts in Indiantown use a concept called pure comparative negligence to assign fault for accidents. According to Florida Statute §768.81, courts will evaluate the actions of every person involved in the incident to assign fault. If a defendant successfully argues that a plaintiff was negligent in their own right, or did not do enough to prevent a crash, a jury may reduce a plaintiff’s award at trial. An Indiantown boat accident legal professional could help prove that a defendant was solely responsible for the incident.

What Forms of Compensation Could a Plaintiff Pursue in Indiantown?

It is no secret that boat accidents can result in severe injuries. However, every plaintiff needs to demonstrate the extent that the defendant’s negligence caused their lives to change. Every negligent defendant is liable for the full consequences of their actions, even if they did not intend to cause any harm. Because of this, plaintiffs must be sure to present demand packages that fully detail how the incident has affected their lives.

Naturally, the core portion of a claim for damages stems from physical losses. Broken bones, separated joints, spinal cord damage, and traumatic brain injuries are all common conditions that suffered from boating collisions. Moreover, complications from drowning may exacerbate injuries. A liable defendant could be forced to provide payments for all physical harm.

It also benefits plaintiffs to evaluate their other losses. These can include emotional traumas such as pain or PTSD or a loss of quality of life, or quantifiable losses lost income from being left unable to work. A settlement or trial is the only opportunity to set things right. An Indiantown boat accident legal representative could take the lead in pursuing claims for their appropriate value.

Contact an Indiantown Boat Accident Attorney to Recover Damages Today

Every person who suffers personal injuries because of the negligence of others deserves the compensation needed to prepare them for their future. Boat collisions are no exception to this rule. Boaters are obligated to follow the rules of the road and take appropriate care to protect others. Failure to take these steps can result in claims of negligence.

An Indiantown boat accident lawyer could take the lead in promoting your claim. An attorney can help to gather evidence, explain the laws that govern safe boat operation, and measure your losses to submit accurate and persuasive demand packages. If these packages fail to bring fair compensation, they could file a complaint in court to protect your rights. Reach out to Domnick Cunningham & Yaffa today to learn more.

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