Evidence in Florida Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

A catastrophic injury lawyer does many different things to prepare a traumatic brain injury case. The first and most important thing, the attorney should document the injury. This includes securing all of the necessary testings, such as MRIs and CAT scans, and ensuring that the person has seen doctors who are going to be able to determine what kind of injury they have. All of this is key evidence in a West Palm Beach traumatic brain injury case.

After that is done, the attorney will determine what future care is necessary, and that is sometimes the most difficult part because if somebody is young and suffers a traumatic brain injury, they may have another 50 or 60 years left to live.

It is so important that an attorney work with experts in the field who deal with these situations to make sure that a life care plan is developed in order to lay out the specific medical treatment that the person is going to need, along with the cost of all that treatment so that they can be compensated and obtain that treatment in the future.

Also, catastrophic injury lawyers will hire experts. This is a very expert-intensive field, so they will hire the experts necessary to prove the causation of the injury and then the amount and the cost of future care.

Qualifying Evidence in TBI Cases

Qualifying evidence in TBI cases may include positive findings on a scan of the brain. This may show if there is a hematoma or many other types of brain injuries. A lot of times, the brain injury is diagnosed in part by the symptoms that a person is suffering, such as confusion, loss of consciousness for a period of time, and difficulty with walking. Their brain may be unable to communicate with the rest of the body and function as it did before the accident. Various symptoms are often found with a traumatic brain injury that can be used to actually prove that there is an injury even if it is not shown on the imaging.

One of the most important types of evidence to collect and review would be the medical records from their first assessment with a doctor. The medical records and the scans are usually the strongest evidence that a person has a traumatic brain injury. They also show the effects of that traumatic brain injury on them on a daily basis and in the future.

A local TBI attorney must also consult with the injured person’s doctors and experts in order to create a life care plan to find out what the injured person needs to maintain a decent life going forward. They will figure out exactly what type of care and the cost of that care is necessary and be able to present that as evidence.

Establishing Liability and Fault

Evidence is used to establish liability in a traumatic brain injury case by first establishing liability. If it is a motor vehicle collision, gathering evidence to prove the damages were caused by someone else includes examining the vehicles themselves, and getting the black box and whatever electronic information there is in the vehicle. For medical malpractice cases, it might include expert testimony from other doctors in the field.

How You Could Help Collect Evidence for Your Case

You have an important role in collecting and preserving the evidence. Many times, the evidence in these cases is either destroyed or lost routinely, and that is crucial evidence for the person’s case.

If a person who is injured is able to preserve as much evidence as possible, it is very helpful for the attorneys. If it is a car crash, make sure that the vehicle is saved. If it is a product that has malfunctioned, make sure that the product is safe along with the receipts and anything else to show where and when it was purchased. Evidence in West Palm Beach traumatic brain injury cases may take many forms, but they are all important to preserve in order to make a valid claim. Call right away to learn more about how you could build your case.