Calculating Florida Traumatic Brain Injury Damages

There are many different types of damages that people suffer when they have a traumatic brain injury. Depending on the symptoms a person has, the severity of their harm, and the permanent effect on their life, they may be eligible to recover many different forms of monetary compensation. West Palm Beach traumatic brain injury damages are also dependent on what a person will need moving forward, often depending on their ability to work and earn money after their accident.

How Are Damages Assessed?

There are two types of damages that are available to TBI victims. The first is economic damages. These are things like medical expenses that the person has already incurred or medical expenses that they are going to require in the future. If the person has missed work or is unable to work, they may be eligible to receive compensation for lost wages or lost earning capacity as economic damages.

There are also non-economic damages, which are the human damages of a catastrophic injury, things like the daily pain and the suffering, the loss of capacity to enjoy life, the loss of a significant bodily function, and the aspects of the injury that are not necessarily something that an individual has a medical bill for but that are still some of the most difficult to handle.

Victims and attorneys can work together to assess the damages first by looking at the economic damages and making sure that all of the future economic damages are well-documented and put together, but also to discuss and understand the real human impact of this injury on the person’s life.

A local TBI lawyer may go to the victim’s home to see what their life is like on a daily basis and assess the continuing damages that the victim must endure. Many times, it can be difficult to open up to anybody about the difficulties faced after an injury, but by giving a dedicated lawyer a clear view of the consequences they are facing, they may be better able to collect the full amount of damages owed.

Unique Damages for TBI Cases

Damages in TBI cases are unique. In traumatic brain injury cases, many times there are damages that are hard to detect or that cannot be seen when looking at the person. If the person has lost some sort of cognitive function and the ability to think, the ability to reason, if they are having abnormal emotional changes because of the part of their brain that has been injured, or they have things like depression, these are all unique injuries and consequences of traumatic brain injuries that are so important to look out for and to make sure experts are involved who can document. Unlike many other injuries, it may be difficult to objectively document these losses, so it may be necessary to hire expert witnesses to demonstrate a plaintiff’s losses.

How an Attorney Could Help You After a Brain Injury

Catastrophic injury lawyers not only help the injured person in the immediate with their immediate needs, but they also make sure that the person’s future needs for the rest of their lives are taken care of. A victim could live with the consequences of a brain injury for the rest of their life, so it is only fair that they pursue and secure the compensation that will pay for their losses over that lifetime. For help calculating West Palm Beach traumatic brain injury damages and to discover what compensation you deserve, call a dedicated legal team today.