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The right diagnosis is vital as it ensures that patients can receive the right treatment and care. Misdiagnosis can have devastating consequences on the lives of patients and their loved ones. A misdiagnosis can be especially devastating when it comes to cancer. When a doctor fails to diagnose cancer in its early stage, the risks to the patient’s health increase dramatically. Patients face serious complications and health concerns that can be life-threatening when their condition remains undiagnosed. Late diagnosis can mean that the cancer is allowed to progress and metastasize. This makes treatment difficult. The patient’s prognosis at this stage is less favorable. If this has been the case for you or your loved one, our experienced Jupiter cancer misdiagnosis lawyers will help you hold the negligent doctors accountable.

The team at Domnick Cunnigham and Yaffa are committed to defending the rights of the injured and seeking justice on their behalf. We will hold the negligent doctor or healthcare professional responsible for the cancer misdiagnosis and the harm they have inflicted on your loved ones. We have a proven track record of holding healthcare professionals accountable in cancer misdiagnosis cases. We have recovered sizeable settlements and awards on behalf of our clients and their loved ones.

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Common Ways Cancer Misdiagnosis Occurs

Proper and timely diagnosis is crucial when it comes to the treatment of cancer. If cancer is not diagnosed early, it progresses and causes health problems that can be life-threatening. There are times when misdiagnosis is the result of unspecified symptoms such as headaches or bloating. There are other times when misdiagnosis is the result of negligence on the part of healthcare professionals. Some of the most common ways this negligence occurs include failure of the healthcare professional to:

  • Take the complete or accurate medical history of their patient
  • Take the early warning signs that the patient exhibits seriously
  • Collect the patient’s genetic information
  • Consider the possibility of the patient suffering from cancer
  • Take enough time to analyze the symptoms thoroughly
  • Communicate the patient’s medical information correctly
  • Study and interpret the patient’s test results accurately

About Jupiter, FL

Jupiter is a town located in Palm Beach County in the state of Florida. It is located on the southeastern coast of the state and is renowned for its beautiful beaches and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Jupiter is about 87 miles north of Miami and 71 miles south of Orlando.

A study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine revealed that approximately 100,000 Americans suffer permanent disabilities or die annually as a result of diagnostic errors. 37.8 percent of these cases are cancer misdiagnoses. Lung cancer is one of the top causes of cancer fatalities resulting from misdiagnosis. This is a big cause of concern because lung cancer deaths make up 25 percent of cancer-related deaths.

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