Florida Robbery Injury Lawyer

Many robberies could have been prevented if the owner of the property where the crime occurred had taken measures to provide adequate security. If you were robbed while visiting a business or someone else’s premises, you might be entitled to pursue compensation to account for more than just the loss of property.

It may be advisable to speak with a Florida robbery due to property owner’s negligence lawyer before too much time passes. A steadfast negligent security attorney can work to demonstrate that a property owner’s negligence caused the robbery, but doing so may be easier if you take steps to acquire evidence as soon as possible.

Property Owners’ Duty to Prevent Robberies on Their Premises

While a property owner would not usually be held responsible for every activity that takes place on their property, a harmful situation that is foreseeable and could have been prevented may create liability for a landlord even if the harm is caused by the illegal act of an outside party. The theory of negligent security holds that property owners could be considered legally negligent if their failure to implement proper security measures causes someone to suffer a robbery or another kind of attack.

In order to recover compensation under such circumstances, a robbery victim must show that the danger was foreseeable and that the property’s owner breached their duty of care. They must also prove that a lack of security directly resulted in or contributed to the harm suffered. A Florida robbery due to property owner’s negligence attorney can work to demonstrate these factors and advocate for fair compensation to offset both economic and non-economic losses.

Required Security Measures

The risk of robbery is generally considered to be higher in some circumstances than others. In many situations, a history of violent crime on or near a property should put its owner on alert for potential harm.

When crime is foreseeable in such a way, a landowner may be expected to implement security measures like cameras, fencing, additional lighting, trained guards, and automatic locks. Additionally, the risk of robbery can depend on the type of property. For instance, Florida Statutes §812.173 describes security measures required for convenience stores because they are so frequently the targets of crime.

Failure to implement some of these measures could establish negligent security in a civil lawsuit. A skilled robbery due to property owner’s negligence lawyer in Florida can help you prove that poor maintenance of existing security features allowed a crime to occur.

Consult a Florida Robbery Due to Property Owner’s Negligence Attorney Today

If you were robbed on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to pursue compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages due to time missed from work, and a variety of other consequences of the robbery. However, evidence of a robbery typically becomes more difficult to collect as time passes. For instance, security camera video footage could show the incident, but that video might be erased unless someone takes steps to preserve that evidence.

A Florida robbery due to property owner’s negligence lawyer could help with the collection of evidence and various other aspects of your case. Call today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about your legal options.