Florida Burglary Injury Lawyer

Property owners may be held responsible for criminal activity that occurs on their premises when they fail to provide adequate security measures. If you suffered a burglary due to inadequate security on a property where the incident occurred, you may be entitled to pursue compensation.

A Florida burglary due to property owner’s negligence lawyer can collect evidence to demonstrate a landowner’s liability. It is generally wise to retain a seasoned negligent security attorney quickly, though, because the quality of evidence deteriorates over time.

The Statute of Limitations

Florida law limits the amount of time to file a claim for a burglary caused by a property owner’s negligence. Under Florida Statutes §95.11(3), someone harmed by someone else’s negligent conduct must file legal action within four years of the incident giving rise to liability.

Claimants should start working with a knowledgeable Florida burglary due to property owner’s negligence attorney before this statutory deadline approaches in order to obtain the best quality evidence. As time passes, witnesses may become difficult to locate, and their memory may be less reliable even if they are found.

Defining Negligent Security

Property owners have a legal responsibility to maintain safe premises for those they invite onto their land. More specifically, landlords owe a duty of care to keep their properties free from dangerous conditions, which includes an obligation to implement proper security measures.

The security which a property needs varies depending on the circumstances. In some places, it may be enough to provide adequate lighting, working locks, and security fencing. However, if the property has the potential for burglary or the area is prone to other criminal activity, more rigorous measures may be warranted.

For example, security guards, cameras, and alarms can make premises safer for invited guests and patrons. A knowledgeable burglary due to property owner’s negligence lawyer in Florida can help demonstrate that a lack of security directly contributed to causing an incident.

Civil Versus Criminal Law

If the police have apprehended the person who committed a burglary, the perpetrator could stand trial and face criminal penalties. While the victim of a burglary may be summoned to testify as part of the criminal proceedings, that type of litigation would not help them recover damages to offset their losses.

Instead, a claimant must file a separate action against a negligent property owner to recover financially. A Florida lawyer experienced with burglary due to property owner’s negligence cases can explain whether evidence and findings in a criminal case can be used to support arguments in a civil suit seeking recovery.

Contact a Florida Burglary Due to Property Owner’s Negligence Attorney

Property owners may try to manage their premises with bare minimum precautions in order to save money. If they fail to provide adequate protection to residents, they could be held liable for any criminal behavior which takes place on their land.

A burglary can leave you feeling violated and cause long-term ill effects. To learn what may be possible in your case, contact a Florida burglary due to property owner’s negligence lawyer today for an initial consultation.