Growing Number of Lawsuits Involving Inhalant Abuse

For most people, spray products such as Blast Away and Ultra Duster are only household cleaners for electronics or small spaces. However, these products are used in an even more dangerous capacity: as popular recreational drugs known as inhalants.

While inhalant abuse is not a new trend, it has continued to affect those who become addicted and their loved ones. Inhalants are easily obtained yet potentially deadly substances with little to no regulation to protect consumers. The effect of inhalant abuse is so wide-reaching that many people who do not use the products have their lives altered by another’s addiction.

Many are pursuing legal action to hold product manufacturers and retailers who sell the product accountable for their negligence. Since the product can be bought by anyone, anywhere, and for just a few dollars, families with loved ones who have suffered from an inhalant abuse addiction are seeking justice from the corporations they believe are responsible.

The lawyers at Domnick Cunningham & Yaffa have handled several cases involving negligence from corporations who manufacturer or sell inhalants. While each case has its unique complications, we have provided two examples of previous cases involving the common brands of inhalants, Blast Away and Ultra Duster, to illustrate the effects this toxic recreational drug can cause.

Blast Away Complaint against Walgreens

While the intended use for Blast Away is to remove dust and dirt from computers and other electronic devices, the product is also used by inhalant abusers to get high. Consumers will purchase Blast Away or other inhalants to breath in the addictive, toxic component difluoroethane, reaching a feeling of euphoria that can last from a few minutes to half an hour. This act is also referred to as ‘dusting’.

Blast Away may be a cheap difluoroethane delivery system that can be bought at Walgreens, but its adverse effects can be extremely costly. Our client was driving in May of 2011 when a driver under the influence of Blast Away collided with the client’s car and caused her life-threatening injuries.

The dangers of Blast Away are clear to consumers, but manufacturers, distributors, and retailers do little to prevent their products from being used recreationally. For our client, this lack of regulation may have contributed to her severe injuries.

Ultra Duster Complaint against Wal-Mart

Ultra Duster is another inhalant like Blast Away that uses difluoroethane within its formula. Our clients’ lives were forever altered by the misuse of this everyday electronic cleaning product.

Although the act of inhaling the product is illegal and dangerous in itself, the abuser of the drug in this case also decided to operate her vehicle. Under the influence of this product, this person caused a multi-car collision that seriously injured our clients.

In this instance, Wal-Mart was negligent in preventing Ultra Duster from becoming a delivery system for difluoroethane abuse. They did nothing to prevent the product from being used as a recreational drug, and that directly affected the livelihoods of our clients.

While the negative effects of inhalant abuse are well-documented, the corporations in charge of making, distributing, and selling the product are negligent in their responsibilities to consumers.

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Many people have had negative experiences directly or indirectly related to the misuse of products such as Blast Away and Ultra Duster. There have been some age restrictions for these products in select stores, but concerned families claim not enough has been done to protect young people from the harmful and potentially deadly implications of inhalant abuse.

If you or loved one has been affected by an inhalant, it may be in your best interest to seek legal counsel. Our attorneys could assess your situation and plan a legal path forward, should you want to pursue a lawsuit.

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