Five Key Considerations When Choosing a Nursing Home for Your Loved One

Choosing a nursing home for a loved one can be a challenging task. It is a very emotional time, and families want to ensure their loved ones are being taken care of in the best manner possible. To ensure they are, there are certain key facts to consider when selecting a nursing home facility, such as location, types of services, staff availability and quality, and much more. Here are five things in particular to keep in mind when choosing a nursing home for your loved one.

Trust Government Inspection Ratings

It is always good to get personal recommendations from other people who have placed a loved one in a nursing home. However, while these should be taken into consideration, a decision should not be made on those alone.

Fortunately, there are online resources where prospective nursing home residents and family members can get objective opinion of any nursing home. This page provides overall ratings for nursing homes across the United States, including information about how they performed during their health inspections.

There is also another online resource to find inspection ratings specifically for nursing homes in West Palm Beach. Using this Nursing Home Guide provided by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, individuals can compare inspection ratings for different nursing homes in the state.

Ask About Staff to Patient Ratios

If the patient/staff ratio of any nursing home is too high, there are likely not enough staff members to properly care for residents. Conversely, lower patient/staff ratios indicate that patients are more likely to receive personalized care. Any nursing home should provide these figures when asked, and they should indeed be asked.

Understanding Staff Turnover Rates

If the turnover rate of licensed nurses or administrative staff in a nursing home is high, it could be indicative of the staff being unhappy with that facility. Unhappy staff members are less likely to provide proper care and may not have the time to provide the care residents need. As such, stable staff is a good sign when choosing a nursing home.

Quality Food Preparation

Many studies have shown that the quality of food and the atmosphere around mealtime has a great impact on how happy nursing home residents are. Individuals choosing a nursing home for their loved ones should visit around mealtime to determine how meals are handled. Some key questions to ask include the following:

  • Is the food high-quality?
  • Do residents have options?
  • Is the food catered for individual special dietary needs?
  • Was the food prepared by a chef?
  • Is there a separate dining area, and is it clean and brightly lit?

Choosing a Location for Your Loved Ones

Choosing a nursing home close to trusted family members may seem just like a matter of convenience, but it goes far beyond that. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a nursing home, and it is important for families and loved ones to visit a nursing home a few times before making a final decision.

If a prospective resident can provide their own opinions and preferences, it is important that these are taken into consideration. These, combined with in-depth research, will help families make the best choice for the loved one in need of a nursing home.