Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleges Eleven Year Old Child Suffered Tragic Death Due To Medical Misdiagnosis

Medical Malpractice: Wrongful Death

Brown vs. Garcia, Et. Al.

Domnick Cunningham & Yaffa, a national plaintiff civil litigation firm, is representing the family of Ca’Marre Brown, an eleven-year-old boy whose young life was tragically cut short on July 12, 2014. The medical malpractice lawsuit filed against Dr. Jorge Garcia and his medical practice, alleges the defendant’s negligence and failure to provide medical care which met the standard of care cost the child his life.

On multiple occasions Ca’Marre Brown had suffered a loss of consciousness after periods of physical activity and sports and searching for answers, his parents scheduled an evaluation with Dr. Garcia. Despite the multiple red flags that should have alerted the Defendant to the severity of Ca’Marre’s condition, Dr. Garcia failed to perform critical tests or diagnostics to properly assess the gravity of the problem and pursue a specific diagnosis. Instead, he recommended a 24-hour Holter monitor, told his mother to keep Ca’Marre hydrated and failed to perform simple tests to rule out channelopathy, the heart condition that took Ca’Marre’s life. The oversimplified diagnosis and failure to properly assess the young boy ultimately cost him his life. Two years later, after a day at Chuck-E-Cheese with his grandmother, Ca’Marre collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where he died the same day.

Plaintiff attorneys Sean C. Domnick and Nicole Kruegel are representing the Brown family in this medical malpractice lawsuit which is set for trial in 2017.

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