New Report Rates Nursing Homes Nationwide

One of the most difficult decisions many families must face is placing their loved one in a nursing home. Making that decision is even harder is the barrage of horrific incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect that are in the media on a daily basis.


Whatever facility your loved one goes to, your family has to trust that administration and staff are committed to the utmost care of their elderly patients. So how do families know if the nursing home they choose will be a safe haven for their loved one to live out their remaining years?


U.S. News & World Report has issued their annual Nursing Home Finder for 2017-2018. The organization has been issuing this report since 2009, using data collected from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMC) for their Nursing Home Compare program.


For this year’s report, there were 15,000 nursing homes across the country evaluated. The organization included facilities from every state, as well as 100 major metropolitan areas. Out of that total, almost 2,300 nursing homes earned a U.S. News Best Nursing Home designation.


The state with the highest number of nursing homes that made the list was California. Ohio was second and Florida third. The states/district with the highest number of Best Nursing Home recognitions were Arkansas, Hawaii, and Washington D.C.


A five-level rating system was used, from top performing to poor. The different factors that were rated included:


  • Care;


  • Health inspections;


  • Safety; and


In order to be named a Best Nursing Home, an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 for 1, 10 months of federal reports, as well as meet performance standards set by U.S. News.


Attorney Sean Domnick recommended that any family who is considering a nursing home facility check this report. “There is no solution that guarantees safety, but diligence and research is imperative to making the most informed decision for your loved one. Conduct as much research as you can before selecting a facility, ask questions and visit often. It is imperative that you remain deeply involved in the care and oversight of your loved ones ” he said.