Jeanmarie Whalen Successfully Recovers $3.1 Million In Personal Injury/Wrongful Death Case

Jeanmarie Whalen successfully recovered in excess of 3.1 million dollars in a highly complex, multi-defendant, wrongful death case involving a national cable service provider. Within the lawsuit Ms. Whalen alleged that through a series of contracts, sub-contracts and course of business, agency relationships were created which resulted in the defendants’ liability for the negligence of a claimed independent contractor in causing a motor vehicle collision which resulted in the premature birth and death of an infant. Ms. Whalen defeated mu

ltiple Summary Judgement Motions filed by the individual corporate defendants and after prolonged litigation, was able to negotiate this successful recovery for the surviving family.

Upon closure of the case the family sent our firm the following expression of their gratitude in recognition of Ms. Whalen’s efforts on their behalf.