What Should I Do if I was Injured on Vacation in Florida?

Every year people from all over the world visit Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and Disney’s beaches and resorts. Unfortunately, some vacations end with injuries sustained in accidents caused by carelessness. Florida tourists can become injured in car wrecks, slip and falls, and many other types of accidents while vacationing.


Seek Medical Attention


Whether you were involved in a slip and fall incident on a resort or a car crash on Florida’s streets, you need to seek medical attention. Your health and safety are top priorities after an accident. Getting treatment right away can help prevent your injuries from getting worse and provide documentation for a claim.


If you are admitted to a hospital, wait until you are released for travel before returning home. It is also advisable to save all medical documentation you receive.


Report the Incident


Any accident which is caused by another party’s recklessness and leads to injuries should be reported to local police. If you suffered harm in a slip and fall incident at a resort like Disney or on someone else’s property, you should report it to the premises owner or the manager or supervisor on duty.


Document the Accident Scene


If you are carrying your phone at the time of an accident, you should take as many pictures of the scene as possible. Photograph your injuries, any vehicles involved, or any other pertinent details such as a spill on a restaurant floor. Doing so will provide evidence if you wish to file a personal injury claim in the future.


Collect Witness Information


It is also important to collect the contact information of witnesses to your accident. Witnesses are critical in a personal injury claim and can provide solid evidence.



If you were hurt while vacationing in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, or Disney and wish to pursue a personal injury claim, you should speak to a local tourist injury attorney before you return to Ireland or the United Kingdom. In most cases, you are required to work with a lawyer licensed in the same location where the accident happened. Local legal counsel can explain Florida’s laws surrounding personal injury claims and give you a strong chance at obtaining the compensation you need.


An attorney can also help you understand the insurance issues involved in your case. Having an overseas insurance policy at the time of a motor vehicle accident in Florida may affect your personal injury claim. A lawyer can explain how your insurance policy may affect your case and review your legal options for pursuing compensation.


Hurt While on Vacation? Call a Florida Tourist Injury Attorney


When someone else’s careless behavior causes an accident, a tourist injury attorney in Florida can help accident victims get the compensation they deserve. If you’ve been hurt while vacationing in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or Orlando, don’t try to file a claim on your own. Accident claims can be complex, especially when a claimant is from another country. An attorney can stand up for your rights, hold insurance companies accountable for paying fair settlements and give you the best chance of success with your claim, so call before you return home. If you have already gone home, reach out to a lawyer in your area who can consult with a Florida attorney about your case.