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I was injured while on holiday in Florida. Do I have a claim?

I was injured while on holiday in Florida. Do I have a claim?

I was injured while on holiday in Florida. Do I have a claim?

Florida is a beautiful place for travelers to visit and sees thousands of visitors from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Scotland every year. Unfortunately, even vacationers are susceptible to accidents and are often shocked at the high cost of medical care in the United States. Are visitors entitled to compensation when they are hurt in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, or Disney?

A traveler’s entitlement to pursue compensation depends on whether someone else’s negligence caused their injuries. If another party’s reckless behavior caused you to sustain injuries in an otherwise avoidable accident, you should consult a Florida tourist injury attorney who can help you pursue damages for your losses.

Duty of Care in Florida Accident Claims

Motor vehicle operators have a duty of care to keep other drivers safe just as owners of a resort — such as Disney or Universal Studios — have to keep their guests safe from foreseeable harm. Additionally, motor scooter and e-bike companies must ensure that their customers are safe while using their modes of transportation.

Negligence occurs when someone breaches their duty of care and subsequently causes injury to another party. All personal injury claims adhere to this legal concept, and it can be one of the most challenging elements to prove without help from a skilled lawyer. When establishing negligence, you and your legal representation must prove that another person or company owed you a duty of care and did not take reasonable measures to ensure your safety. For example, renting a faulty bike in Ft. Lauderdale or hazardous conditions around a hotel or restaurant in Orlando could form the basis of a successful claim for damages.

The third element of a civil suit is causation, which shows a clear link between the accident and your injuries. For example, if you were hit by a car while on a motorized scooter but had a pre-existing back injury, you could not claim compensation for the latter because the accident did not cause it. However, if you did not have a prior injury before visiting Miami and experienced one as a result of the accident, causation would be easier to prove.

Talk to Florida Personal Injury Attorney as Soon as Possible

It may be difficult to determine whether you have a claim after a vacation accident which took place in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, or Disney without looking at the details of your case. If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, speak to a tourist injury lawyer in Florida who can review your case before you go home. If you are already back home, reach out to an attorney in your area who can work with a member of our team to pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

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