I traveled internationally to Florida and was hurt in an accident. Can a Florida lawyer help?

The days and weeks that follow an accident can be very confusing, especially if you become injured while traveling to Florida from Ireland, Scotland, or the United Kingdom. If you are still in Florida, you should speak to an attorney before you return home. Even if you have already gone home, it is not too late to file a claim.


Compensation may be available to travelers who are injured in vacation accidents caused by another party’s negligence. Regardless of whether you are still in Florida or have headed back home, a skilled international tourist injury attorney can help you get it.


If You Are Still in Florida


Ideally, if you are hurt in Miami, you should speak to an attorney before going back home. Retaining legal representation as soon as possible after an accident is typically best practice because waiting too long could result in the loss or destruction of evidence over time.


When you speak with them immediately after an accident, a lawyer has a better chance of protecting your rights throughout the entire legal process. They can offer guidance on what to say and what not to say to opposing parties as well as collect crucial evidence while it’s available and reach out to witnesses while their memories are fresh. These are all very important steps in a personal injury claim, so it could be substantially beneficial to have legal representation from the very beginning.


If You Have Already Returned Home


Even if you have already returned home from your vacation to Disney or Universal Studios, you can still file a claim as long as you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. The best course of action is to speak to an attorney in your area who can work with a Florida lawyer on building your case.


Regardless of whether you are still in Orlando or already back home, a seasoned tourist injury attorney would gather evidence, file motions and claims on your behalf, and build a case based on relevant state law.


Injured on Vacation? Contact a Florida Tourist Injury Attorney Today


No one wants to think about getting hurt while they are on vacation, but unfortunately, it does happen. If you were injured in a vacation accident in Florida, it is crucial that you speak to a local tourist injury attorney.


Whether you are still in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or Orlando or have gone home to Ireland, Scotland, or the UK, a Florida lawyer can handle your claim, protect your rights, and pursue any compensation you are entitled to. Call an attorney and get the help you need today.